Absolutely fed up with the system and having bills from the electric company higher than the consumption, problems here in the mountains that sometimes the energy is missing (and you don´t know for how long) knowing that today technology is efficient and gives you the chance to be off grid we tried this road, of course all on our own, happily and successfully the system works and our bills now are just about zero.

We have slimmed all our consumptions to nearly zero, and we have managed with 6 solar panels (300w each) a total of 1.8Kw to have enough supply for our needs, in the moment looking for “PLANTE” batteries, not cheap but quite not expensive if it´s true they can live for 20 or if very well maintained 50 years. Searching for them and then testing, once we know we´ll let you know. So far so good, up to now for solar panels, inverter and regulators i have spent 1800 Euro. The batteries we are looking for should supply 6Kw and are pulling 1600-1700 Euro.

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