O F F – R O A D

… the pleasure of discovery.
Since 1979 I always was attracted by this sport. Starting as a child with the first bicycle to explore the woods close to our house. I liked the idea of reaching somewhere where I hadn’t been before.
Later I visited fabulos places in Africa with the KTM 525 or the Toyota HZJ 75, and drove up and down the italian appennino as a guide, ending up organizing here nice enduro rides; guiding young and excited friends in the mountains.
My age has some influence on my body but more then that I guess the multiple accidents and operations I had to go through, so due to the fantastic “growing up” fifteen years ago I started to appreciate the 4×4 instead of motorbikes; yes, the fantastic Toyota HZJ 75 gave me the right feeling!
We have organized several national meetings and off road trips, from simple to extreme trial tests.


* * *