Old and forgotten this bike was lying in a garage and had no more power, no more look, no more nothing, and it was a nice friend from youth times of a good friend of mine. So we had to go into the workshop and give a new life to this old piece of history. […]


Absolutely fed up with the system and having bills from the electric company higher than the consumption, problems here in the mountains that sometimes the energy is missing (and you don´t know for how long) knowing that today technology is efficient and gives you the chance to be off grid we tried this road, of […]


We needed a space outside our kitchen and so we retrieved an old door that was hidden under the window. This way we had the chance to reach the garden, but of course that was a big jump. A trip in the wood helped us managing the space just outside the door to reach the […]


An old tractor from a friend was at the point that needed refreshing or changing. Our thoughts went to retrieve fidelity from and old glory that made fantastic service for a time of a life, and we started with a refresh from the body ending with the engine that was old and not well performing […]


Our story begins in Tarifa (Spain) in 1999….                                                                                      -> für deutsche Version bitte nach […]