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Our story begins in Tarifa (Spain) in 1999….

We are Dagmar (from Germany) and Max (from Italy). We were in “Playa Bolonia” (Spain) for a holiday and one night we met, a girl and a boy on holiday taking a beer on the beach… the curiosity to know more about each other…  talking about life, we realized that we had many things in common;

(firstly she is tired of being a teacher and he is just about to close his motorbike shop.)

Both with passion for nature and tired of living in a system always less “humane”,  we decided to change our lives.

So we started searching for a farm in the south of Spain, but the moment was definitely unhappy for realestate in Spain, the arrival of the euro dollar made prices crazy, so after running around for about 25.000 km between Jimena de la Frontera, Tarifa, Canos de Mecca e Castellar de la Frontera, we decided to give a try in Tuscany, Max’s place of birth. After running around Tuscany north to south a funny coincidence brings us to the Appennino mountains between Tuscany and Romagna, where a farm looked like it was waiting for us.

 farmhouse 2001 starting conditions

In a beautiful natural frame with mountains, woods and rivers, with wild animals: wolves, deer, fallow deer, wild boars… looking at us like as if to ask “What were two humans doing in this wild area?” Doormice were happily established in the farm house, in this context our wishes became concrete, and we managed to buy the property.

Everybody thought we were crazy, a place far from everything, the building looked like a ruin, the land overtaken by wild nature, but in our mind the bases were excellent, water was there, wood for burning and a lot of nature.

With hours, days, weeks and months of work we slowly brought back from abbandon what was there, saving as much as possible of the original character of the place.

our property 2004