About mechanics I think that nothing is really broken, it’s only out of shape, but if it really does not work, well,…. put it on the side, sooner or later it will become useful”.

Since 1976 I have been playing around with stuff that moves,twists, spins, starts or stops…. always something to fix (well, the successes started a little later). From bicycles, drills or any working tool, mills, generators, mopeds, then motorbikes, cars, tractors, boats, catterpillars, never mind if petrol, diesel, gas,…..

I will give it a try.

I am fascinated by different materials that can make the difference by the specific characteristics, inox, aluminium, ergal, titanium, fiberglass, carbon fiber, etc… different material can solve many problems.

Then I have to say that engines are just sophisticated heating stoves and a very small part of mechanics; if you think you have a fast car, even the fastest…… you must know that its very far from the speed of an airplane, but even a jet is nothing….. an absolute sleeping elephant if compared to the speed of light!

Sorry but on this matter, speed,…. we are still in the dark age!