“Everything is relative”…. Albert Einstein…(never met the guy… but he’s one of my best friends!) Alternative solutions or…. back to the roots? Well this is something that can be described as necessary…I don’t mean we have to go back to the middle ages but honestly, is it possible to carry on this unsustainable way? In this moment we are at a very interesting point of human history: Up to 5-6 years ago human beings living rurally were the majority. There were more people in the countryside able to supply their basic needs, today the majority of people are living on commercial supplies in the cities. This situation might sound normal to many people (living in the cities), but in the past main supplies came from communities that had the culture and the knowhow… now this very important work “the supply of basic needs” has changed to industrial production, machines and a financial system (not money,…. but something more bizzare, or insane). This means in terms of quality or how it’s done, that the most important thing is profit. Up to some years ago many people knew how to provide their basics needs… and in a balanced way; there was respect for nature, there was proudness about the results…. today this supply of needs has only one target: to satisfy the request… the eye of the client must be caught … cheated by the right publicity and a lot of nonsense….and companies must obtain this economical business! Endless disrespect about basic needs of nature; by the way… we humans are a part of nature! I think and believe that our culture has been overtaken by the system that makes you feel safe “if you do as you are told!” That is the end of a culture that we once had and the beginning of new slavery (that someone else wants for economical reasons). So, I think it’s insane to think the human race will proceed this way for long, and this brings me to think differently from what is called “normal” thinking, and due to the fact that we have a brain, I think it could be fun to use it, as we are intelligent people. The definition of intelligence is “the ability to learn from  experiences, and improve”. With the huge amount of knowledge we have now, with the possibilities that we have to find materials practically from scrap, well… can we do somethings?? A few simple examples: Need a stove? You can build it from a gas tank… Need gas? You can produce it from any organic material you usually throw away (anaerobic digester), we use horse manure. Need summer shoes for countryside? Make them from old motorbike tires. Need knives? Make them from car leaf springs.You can recycle broken pallets for carpentary. I make fuel from restaurant frying oil, filtering it at 1 micron. I have used exhausted engine oil in my tractor, as fuel…. for over 1 year without any diesel. I have fixed a HHO system on the Toyota that with a BAC bobbine improved 15/20% mileage on the 4.2ltr “sex” cylinder Toyota diesel car. I have built a cool pantry (about 6-7 cubic meters) to store food; the temperature is around 7 degrees, and it works with the overflow of the spring water constantly running into a 1500 lt Innox tank; the 1,5 cubic meter tank of the water temperature of 7° degrees is able to lower the little room temperature. We like e-bikes, fantastic for moving in short distances and quite cheap to maintain.