…the smooth taste of nature, and great fragrances.

Wood is probably the most enjoyable work you can do on a house,

it’s perfumed, it’s soft (compared to metal, stone, cement, briks,..), its

easy to work with, you can practically do anything with this fantastic material.

Structures will last you a life time, you can make fantastic modular works that

you can expand; change; smallen, modify as you like.

Different kind of woods will give you a different character to the work, it changes

in color, size, structural design and also by the smell, if you use a cypress wood for

furniture you will have fantastic perfume all over for years to come.

It’s my favorite material for building…. my dream house is a log house, but here in this

nation is impossible to build your own, it’s against the law!

A funny thing I came to know, years ago in a old convent (just there to observe the structure,

no other reason for me to, anyway)…. I was looking all these old beams,

the wood was about 300 years old and incredibly there were no little holes from

termites,…. did not find a single one…! Then I understood why, …there is a forgotten culture

that says that for this special result you need to cut the tree in february with the last dark moon, from a steep valley looking north.

Ok, …. but why? Simple…. that is the moment earth is in the coldest situation due to the distance from the sun, in a humid situation is even colder due to humidity and facing north even no heat from sun irradiation..!

I thought it could be possible and speaking with some old mountain farmers they confirmed that the wood cut in this situation is good for building but not so good for burning!

In the following link you can see our work in the balcony:



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