In 2012 a friend introduced me to an “old glory”… it seemed an unresolvable situation but it immediately provoked an irresistable interest and a profound passion filled my veins. My hands itched with the desire to rebuild a 1947 vehicle…. After some talk and a couple of beers  we decided to try to put this […]


…is an advanced and structured training for the horse, which reinforces its physical condition to maintain its strength and health as a riding horse. The target of my riding lessons is to improve the comunication between rider an horse, to refine the “Hilfengebung” and to stimulate the voluntary cooperation of the horse, by picking up […]


Our story begins in Tarifa (Spain) in 1999…. We are Dagmar (from Germany) and Max (from Italy). We were in “Playa Bolonia” (Spain) for a holiday and one night we met, a girl and a boy on holiday taking a beer on the beach… the curiosity to know more about each other…  talking about life, […]


In the unspoiled landscape of the „Alto Mugello“ we create treks far from civilization: Riding on hidden trails through the various and wild landscape of the Appenine mountains, taking a break in places of cultural or natural interest (for example: ancient roman paths) – a dream for horselovers which adore nature. You may see wild […]


…the smooth taste of nature, and great fragrances. Wood is probably the most enjoyable work you can do on a house, it’s perfumed, it’s soft (compared to metal, stone, cement, briks,..), its easy to work with, you can practically do anything with this fantastic material. Structures will last you a life time, you can make […]


“Everything is relative”…. Albert Einstein…(never met the guy… but he’s one of my best friends!) Alternative solutions or…. back to the roots? Well this is something that can be described as necessary…I don’t mean we have to go back to the middle ages but honestly, is it possible to carry on this unsustainable way? In […]


About mechanics I think that “nothing is really broken, it’s only out of shape, but if it really does not work, well,…. put it on the side, sooner or later it will become useful”. Since 1976 I have been playing around with stuff that moves,twists, spins, starts or stops…. always something to fix (well, the […]